A big congratulations to Rajvir S (Year 11) who was recently a ballkid in the 2022 Australian Open Men’s Final. 

Rajvir lives and breathes tennis and was also a ballkid in the 2021 Australia Open Woman’s Finals. His work ethic and skills are so impressive that he was invited back to join the team for the Men’s Final …a 5.5 hour long epic game! 

The entire Casey Grammar School community is extremely proud of Rajvir and can’t wait to see what he achieves next! 

See below for an article written by Rajvir on his experience as a ballkid in the 2022 Australian Open. 

In 2021 I was fortunate to ballkid the Women’s finals, and received the rookie of the year, which was awarded to the best first year ballkid.   

This year (2022) I was part of the Men’s finals ballkids squad, the squad consisted of the 12 most extraordinary ballkids that had performed above others during the previous two weeks of the Australian Open. 

Knowing that this was my final year as a ballkid, I knew I had to work hard from the start. Every time I went on the court during those two weeks, I gave 110%. When I saw my name for the Men’s Finals Squad, I was relieved that my hard work had paid off and I was extremely excited as I was going to ballkid the Men’s Finals, which was a dream come true. 

As I walked on to Rod Laver Arean, I looked around and saw an amazing atmosphere, I could hear the crowd cheering in excitement as the players walked on. The world number 6, Nadal was getting ready to battle it out against the world number 2, Medvedev. Nadal had dropped the first 2 sets, but Nadal kept his head up and fought hard to win the next 2 sets, leaving it to the deciding set which Nadal won. After this 5.5 hour thriller the crowd cheered with such excitement as Nadal had earned a record of 21 Australian Grand Slams - making history. I remember it like it was yesterday, from the start of the match to the end, the atmosphere was speechless, every time I looked anywhere it gave me goosebumps, I have no words that can express that feeling. 

Ballkids training generally lasts a few months, but due to lockdown, we missed out on a lot of training sessions, leaving us with less than two months to prepare. This made me put in my own time and effort outside of training. My friends and I, who were also in ballkid training went to the tennis courts to practice ourselves. 

I had picked up my first racket when I was 7 years old, now I’m 16. The 8 years of playing tennis, gave me the opportunity to meet many amazing people, and visit many great places. Tennis is my passion, and I am so thankful for the opportunities I’ve been given.