Anzac Day 2017

Monday’s ANZAC Service offered each student the encouragement to make history personal. Mrs Buttigieg spoke movingly of her father’s experiences in WW2 as a Radar operator and we were fortunate to have the presence of Major Robert Evans from Cranbourne Salvation Army to play the Last Post and Reveille.

If parents know of a personal connection their family has to a particular war, please make sure that this is shared with your children to enable them to have a greater sense of their own links to history.

Particular thanks go to the readers who represented the student body; Rachel S, Tharushi P, Leith S, Charli S, Thomas V, Jack M, Amber Ol and Brad H. Casey Grammar School was also represented by Jack M, Amber O and Brad H who lay the wreath at the Cranbourne War Memorial on ANZAC Day. It was particularly pleasing to see other students at the service, paying their respects. One student in Yr 8 attended both the Dawn service and the 10:30 service, reflecting to me later that it was a small sacrifice in comparison to those who had given their lives.