Casey Grammarians

Casey Grammarians was established in 2009 with the following objectives:

  • Maintaining fellowship between students.
  • Benefiting the long term interests of the school.
  • Benefiting the interests of former students as they move through life.

Each student who passes through Casey Grammar is automatically a member of the Grammarians Association.
The Grammarians is in its infancy and recognises that while the first decade of former students are busy establishing careers and families the development of the Grammarians as a group will be a gradual process.

A Committee of former students has been formed which is working with the school to establish an identity, and to call former students together for the first time.
Two successful reunions have been held and further activities are planned in the future.

The Grammarians may be contacted through the school reception, or at CGSGrammarians [at]