Model United Nations Assembly 2018

A few weeks ago Year 11 students Tharushi P, Tanish K , Zuhal M, Rochelle K, accompanied us to the MUNA 2018 Conference at Phillip Island.
Thanks to Rotary, Mr. Baird, Ms. Riviere-Pendle and Ms. Harris, we had the pleasure of attending the conference from Friday afternoon through to late Sunday. MUNA allows students from across the State to represent a nation and speak, as delegates for that nation, at a United Nations Assembly-styled debate forum.

Tanish & Sakshi were delegates for the Solomon Islands, Rochelle & Zuhal represented Egypt and Avantika and Tharushi were the Canadian delegates.
Prior to the weekend, it was essential for us to undertake extensive research into the background of the country as well as the resolutions being put forward, such as the Rohingya refugees fleeing and being massacred in Myanmar and the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.
During the weekend we participated in many debates- making friends and rivalries. A highlight of the Camp was when the final resolution was debated- the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. The debate took a surprising turn when the North Korean delegates admitted they wanted change and that they needed the help of the other delegates. The North Korean delegates let go of their pride and wished for peace. If only this would happen in real life, right now?
MUNA made us all realise how important the work of the U.N is and how the future of the world can be such a delicate proposition.

Along with the heated debates, all six of us learnt the true purpose of MUNA-for world leaders to see beyond the stereotypes and personal vendettas and to form friendships that could withstand the test of time.
Saturday night held a special meaning for all of us as polio survivor and advocate, Gary Newton, whose awe-inspiring work and commitment to the Polio Foundation, touched all hearts that night and once again reminded us that every individual is capable of making a difference.
MUNA truly assisted all six of us to build upon and improve our public speaking skills as well as develop a greater knowledge of current world events. This experience helped us to boost our communication, confidence and knowledge. It was a great weekend with friends, making new friends and for looking deeper into world issues.

All of us who participated in MUNA 2018 were encouraged by CGS students who have attended MUNA in previous years. Rowan Dunstan, a 2017 representative was really enthusiastic about his MUNA experience and the value it adds to your own thinking and personal values. And he was right!

Avantika Pand Sakshi P - Year 11 (a.k.a Solomon Islands & Canadian Delegates)