QL Enhancement Program Application

Casey Grammar's QL Select Entry Learning Enhancement Program has been designed with the needs of highly able students in mind. It is named to reflect the quality learning (QL) opportunities created to challenge these students with new, more complex, ways of thinking.

The program is year-long, culminating in a learning exhibition at the end of the year. Students will still attend normal classes but will also have an 'opt out' option to participate in the program. This 'opt out' time will enable them to engage in the full range of QL activities or to choose only those of particular interest. All activities will be designed to enrich, provoke and stretch students to maximise their academic potential.

Each QL participant will map their unique learning journey through digital learning portfolios. Progress will be monitored throughout the year to ensure growth, commitment and high quality learning.

Participation will not involve any extra cost to parents.

QL Enhancement Program Application Form

To apply for QL 2018 please download and complete the application form below and return to the school administration office.

Testing for the program is scheduled for March 20, 2018.

For any further enquiries please contact Cathy Marchmont on 5991 0800