Casey Grammar School has elected to offer an enhanced Resource List service to parents and students by placing Resource Lists on the School Website so students can place their Resource List orders electronically.
Paper copies of the lists will not be sent home with students.

Please note that all orders are to be processed on-line - no forms will be accepted at the office.

3 Delivery options are available online - Economy, Standard and Pre-Packaged collection.
If you choose the Pre-Packaged collection option, collection date are:

  • Year 7-12 - Wednesday 12 January 2022 between 2:30pm-4.30pm in room V1 (VCE Centre)

Please click the image below to order your booklists online.
Please note some browsers may require you to enter the school code - 3U2Y

To pay for your Edrolo subscription, please click the image below and use the school code JZU-PST.