Casey Grammar provides many opportunities for students to participate in co-curricular drama productions.

In addition to performance evenings held as part of the Year 9 and 10 Drama electives and VCE course (ensemble and solo performances), the school runs an annual production, alternating between a Senior and Junior School production each year.

In previous years this has consisted of a whole school production one year, with an interstate touring production every alternate year. A separate production is also run for Year 10 and a showcase for the Year 9 which is linked to their subject elective.

In all endeavours students are encouraged to assist with choreography, set creation, stage lighting and technical crew duties.

Previous Productions

  • 2020 Year 10 Production ‘Illinois Jane and the Pyramid of Peril’
  • 2019 Senior School Production ‘Matilda’ - Year 10 Production 'Snow White and the Seven Fairy Godmothers'
  • 2018 Junior School Production 'The Adventures of Superstan' - Year 10 Production 'Pistols & Posies'
  • 2017 Senior School Production ‘Annie’ - Year 10 Production 'Peter Pan'
  • 2016 Junior School Production 'Circus of Dreams' - Year 10 Production ‘Unwrapped’
  • 2015 Senior School Production ‘Hairspray Jr.’ - Year 10 Production 'A Midsummer Night’s Prom Dream'
  • 2014 Year 10 Production 'Doo Wop Wed Widing Hood'. – Junior School Production ‘Hooked on Classics’
  • 2013 School Production ‘Camp Rock’ -Year 10 Production ‘Peter Panic’
  • 2012 Gold Coast Drama Tour ‘One’ - Year 10 Production ‘When in Rome’ – Junior School Production ‘The Great Australian Bush Dance’
  • 2011 School Production ‘The Wizard of Oz’ - Year 10 Production ‘Wipeout’
  • 2010 Gold Coast Drama Tour ‘Turning Point’ - Year 10 Production ‘Hotel Frankenstein' – Junior School Production ‘Rock Around the Globe’
  • 2009 School Production ‘Grease’ - Year 10 Production ‘The Bachelor King’
  • 2008 Gold Coast Drama Tour ‘Riff Raff’ - Year 10 Production ‘Comic Book Artist’
  • 2007 Wakakirri National Story Festival