Junior School - Assemblies

Our iconic Junior School assemblies are a unique and cherished tradition at Casey Grammar.

Since the school first opened, students have been given the opportunity to celebrate their individual talents and learning experiences by hosting their very own weekly assembly.

Transforming the traditional school assembly from being a simple teacher’s address, into a showcase for student creativity, has been an innovation our school community has embraced with enthusiasm and pride.

Each week, a class is invited to host assembly and with their teacher’s guidance, write, rehearse and perform on stage with the whole Junior School as their audience.

The different formats and content adopted by each class, contributes to the wonderful feeling of anticipation as students, teachers and parents arrive at assembly each Thursday morning.

Over the years, our students have performed songs, dances, original plays and musicals while also sharing their personal learning journeys and achievements.

New technology has also allowed students to create their own digital presentations and mini-movies. Important values that reflect our school ethos such as respect and compassion are often the inspiration for an assembly.

This also allows valuable teamwork and performance skills to be developed and refined as each class member contributes to the shared success of the assembly on performance day.

Confidence building opportunities to speak and perform for an audience are central to the learning goals of each assembly.

Watching children overcome their initial trepidation and embrace the excitement of performing onstage is a delight to witness for each member of our Casey Grammar family.

The key to the success of our Junior School assembly program is the trust and belief our teachers invest in their students. Handing over the stage and microphone to our students empowers them to believe in themselves and understand how greatly their teachers value the unique qualities they bring to our school.