Junior School - Wellbeing

At Casey Grammar School, the wellbeing of our students is of paramount importance. Our House system is designed to build smaller communities within our larger school community, while focusing on the following:

  • Enriching student life
  • Engaging students in a valuable school experience
  • Providing a positive and nurturing culture
  • Providing opportunities for student engagement and leadership
  • Building community connections
  • Fundraising
  • Developing House spirit
  • Providing support from staff and other members of their House

Upon enrolment, students are assigned a House, which they will remain a member of until their completion of study at Casey Grammar School.

From Years 3 to 6, students will develop a nurturing relationship with their Junior School Head of House. During these years, students attend fortnightly House meetings, actively engage in a range of community service events, build House spirit through team activities and participate in values-based learning.

House events are held regularly and students look forward to these, striving to achieve their personal best for their House.

Within the House system, students are provided with opportunities to develop their leadership skills and build their confidence in a supportive and encouraging environment.

Opportunities for informal mentorship frequently arise, whereby students may work alongside their peers to develop these leadership skills, whilst participating in a range of activities and assuming various roles.

The House system also provides support for students, throughout their time in the Junior School. This additional level of assistance builds upon the child’s personal network, which further promotes potential social, emotional and academic success throughout their Junior School years.