Mentor Breakfast

On Friday 3 May, six girls from Year 11 had the opportunity to attend the Women of Note Mentor Breakfast hosted by Girl Guides Victoria. Not only did this breakfast allow us to broaden our views for our future career pathways, but it had also enabled us to understand that there are always different ways for you to reach your goal, no matter how many obstacles you may have to encounter. Each of us was designated to different tables, which were occupational themed. Both Mercedes and I were assigned to the ‘Health & Medicine’ table, Maneesha and Gwen, the ‘Creative Industries’ table and Tanishka the ‘Community Services’ table. On each table, there were two professionals who had an area of expertise. On the ‘Health & Medicine’ table, there was a lady who worked as a podiatrist and another woman who worked as a nurse and midwife for St. John of God.
Maneesha Casey

Being able to attend the Mentor Breakfast was a very rewarding experience. One lady had given me the advice that career aspirations can evolve and that I don’t have to rigidly adhere to only one career goal. For instance, she began to work as a lawyer initially but found it not being how she had expected and now, she found her interests and had embarked on a different career pathway and became a podiatrist instead. A lawyer and a podiatrist are careers on different ends of the spectrum but yet, the lady was able to find an area of expertise which she was truly passionate about. Her story has taught me that there will always be a career path for you and that it is only up to you to uncover what you truly enjoy doing.
Janice Tee

On my table, I had the pleasure of meeting a police officer and a paramedic. Both of these women told us the of the incredible experiences they encountered during their career, emphasising that it is never too late to follow your passion. The paramedic initially began her career as a chef after high school, but once realising it wasn’t the right fit, she did not hesitate to try something different. This was empowering and made me realise that I, too, can experience different career paths because, in the end, I’ll find something that I truly love.
Tanishka Munjal

Wendy Wright, a conservation biologist, was our guest speaker of the day. 25 years ago, she was the first guest speaker and she came back to celebrate the Mentor Breakfasts’ 25th year. Ms Wright offered us a valuable piece of advice, which is we would always reach our career goal and that it is merely in a matter of time. Her speech was very moving and her determination to protect our environment and the biodiversity within it was also very inspirational.
I thoroughly enjoyed the Mentor breakfast as it allowed me to see how careers can change along with how differentiating careers can be. Wendy Wright's speech gave me hope that even if I choose a career now, anything can change, and I am not stuck to one path. She highlighted how different her life was a couple of years ago and how successful she is now, through any bumps in the road. Her attitude towards life and her career was very inspiring. Overall it was a great experience that truly showed me how many doors are open to us all.
Thilara Herath

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