SEQTA - CGS Learning Management System

What is SEQTA?

Casey Grammar School utilises SEQTA as its learning management system. The parent portal allows you to access this valuable information regarding your child, including end-of-semester reports.

Please note that some features found in SEQTA may not be supported by older versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer. If you do not have a username or password, please contact reception at office [at]

To access the portals on your desktop please click the appropriate link below and use the login credentials previously supplied to you.

SEQTA Engage for parents.
SEQTA Learn for students.

SEQTA is available as an app for your smartphone.

SEQTA is also accessible on your phone via the official app.

Please go to the App Store for Apple devices or the Google Play store for Android and search for SEQTA.

If you are a parent please download the SEQTA Engage app and if a student, the SEQTA Learn app.

Please refer to the attached PDF for further information.
If you experience any issues logging into SETQA please contact the school for assistance.

SEQTA Demonstration Videos