The Exports - "TV"

In mid 2018 Joel Rasmussen had dreams of putting together a band of peers from Casey Grammar School and in pursuit of his dream, he put flyers around the school calling for talented Senior School students. Following a couple of meetings, the band was formed with the musical talents of:

Joel Rasmussen – Lead vocals and rhythm guitarist.
Joel started playing the guitar in Year 6 and has always been keen to pursue vocals.

Luke Holland – Backup vocals and bass guitarist.
Starting his musical journey in Year 1 with Acoustic guitar, Luke also studied Drums from Year 3 and can also play the Piano.

Phoenix Brousse De La Borde – Lead guitarist.
Phoenix first started acoustic lessons in Prep, he can also play bass, but 6 string electric is his favourite.

Charlie Hermans – Drums.
Charlie began learning the drums through lessons in Primary School starting in Year 1.

The boys needed somewhere to practice so the then head of music Mr Chiodo offered the band use of an Instrumental classroom on a Friday after school which the boys still practice in weekly. It was then time to come up with a name. Joel reflected: ‘After a few weeks of practice, we decided we needed a name. We all went off and came up with names, and at our next practice, which was at Charlie's house, we started going through the list. None of us really liked any of the names we came up with so Charlie started reading out the things he saw in his garage ("we could be the 'ceiling fans' or the 'paint scrapers''). I started looking at stuff too and I noticed Charlie's drum kit model was a Pearl Export - "What about 'The Exports?" I asked. We all liked it, so that's what we went with.’

The Exports' debut performance was at a Senior School assembly in November 2018 performing the Brian Adams classic "Summer of ’69" and the band's engaging stage presence that day made them an instant crowd favourite. The Exports have gone on to perform at the End of Year concert, Harmony Day lunchtime performance, Senior School assemblies and in December performed their first gig and a friends house party with a set list of ten songs.

Last Friday, with the help of Mr Collidge and Mr Hall, the band was busy recording their first debut single "TV". The lyrics and rhythm for "TV" were written by Joel, while each band member wrote the music for their pieces.
Listening to the song you can clearly hear the influence that some of the band's favourite artists have had on their musical style including the likes of Green Day, Blink 182 (early years) and Aussie bands such as AC/DC, The Chats and Dune Rats.

Follow The Exports' journey on Instagram @theexportsband or their Facebook page.

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