Year 5 at Sovereign Hill

On Thursday 30 May the Year 5 students arrived early at school for the bus journey to Ballarat, to step back in time and plunge in deeper to the rich history of Victoria’s Gold Rush.

Student Reflections

I was so excited to be going to Sovereign Hill! I’m really looking forward to going into the mine. So we go inside, and there is a hologram which is explaining the struggles that the miners had to face. Next, we went to do some gold panning. I found a ring with one of my friends, but we returned it. My favourite part was playing the gold game I saw how life was for the miners and I was very surprised because it didn’t seem to be very fair. I also experienced how it felt like to be in jail. That was my highlights of Sovereign Hill I’m really looking forward to going back.
Ethan Mathew 5N

Sovereign Hill was an amazing experience; my favourite activity was when we went to see the gold pour and the man made a piece of gold that cost $180,000. It was so interesting. I also liked mine. There we watched a hologram. To get into the mine, we walked down 55 stairs and one ladder. I had lots of fun at Sovereign Hill; I wish we could go again.
Isabelle Hamilton 5N

Sovereign Hill was an amazing experience for Year 5 because we learned more about the harsh conditions the miners lived in, and we were able to gold pan and see how gold was made. The best thing about Sovereign Hill was the ‘Gold Fever Game’ because we were able to experience how the miners mined for gold and the things they had to go through, like having to need a license to mine. Another exciting experience was when we could go down a mine; we were able to see a hologram showing us how the Welcome Nugget was found. Sovereign Hill was a phenomenal learning experience; I have a deeper understanding of the Gold Rush Times and the Eureka Stockade. 5N and 5D loved Sovereign Hill and I wish we could go again!
Rheya Lokesh 5N

At Sovereign Hill and we did so many activities which were the gold pour, gold panning, Gold Fever Game, lolly making bowling, candle dipping and the Blacksmith. It was interesting to see how the 1800s period was, especially the clothes they wore.
Ari Damjanovic 5N

Student Poems

The Gold Rush
By Ruby Van Brakel 5D

Some people think that life was great,
While others think it was awful,
Well I’ve been there and done that,
And it wasn’t so bad after all.

Life at the Gold Rush was bad at times,
But pretty good at others,
The men do all the hard working things,
While kids do things with their mothers.

When Edward Hargraves told the world,
About his little findings,
My family and I went and found,
So much gold it was blinding.

I have to admit that things got rough,
Like when the Eureka Stockade occurred,
But without it we wouldn’t be living,
In peace like a little bird.

Then faces started to turn as,
The other countries arrived,
People were fighting over the gold,
And no one really survived.

Once I was working down a mine,
Very late at night,
Then lost in a fight.

On November 11th Ned Kelly was hung,
But before he died he told,
The crowd how silly he’d been in the past,
And he wanted to die old.

So eventually the Gold Rush started to die down,
And income started to fall,
Everyone left including me,
So life wasn’t so bad after all!

Life on the Goldfields
By Ryan Riet 5D

Life on the goldfields was horrible,
As people were covered in muck,
Lots of people on the goldfields would die,
Because life was such bad luck.

People came to our vast land,
To start a new life,
People wanted to find gold,
But all they found was strife.

They were in the dirty mines,
Mining all day,
Down there they wanted to find,
A very big pay.

If they were lucky to find gold,
They travelled to the bank,
The bank was empty and not filled,
The only guy was Frank.

In the old but beautiful rusty bank,
The gold was weighed,
Outside the bank people raged,
And started the Eureka Stockade.

For 20 minutes people fought,
For their mining rights,
The government did not like it,
And started many fights.

As guns were drawn the government arrived,
Ready for the fight,
As shots were fired people fell,
What a horrible sight.

The government retreated after its loss,
The news hit the town,
After the miners victory,
The gold rush did die down.

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