Aims, Objectives & Philosophy

Casey Grammar School - Aims & Objectives

Casey Grammar School recognises that success is measured individually. Casey Grammar School nourishes and fosters the needs of each student to ensure everyone has the opportunity to become the very best version of themselves.

Whatever your hopes, dreams or future goals may be; Casey Grammar School is there throughout the education journey to support and guide students to a bright future backed by dedicated teachers.

Religious and Spiritual

Casey Grammar School aims to provide a learning environment in which the School can support parents and churches in the growth and nurture of students in the Christian faith while also enabling students to experience the freedom to share and express the Christian faith.

The School offers experiences of Christian living through the study of the Bible, corporate prayers and worship of God and fosters the Christian ideals of service to others and commitment to God.

School Chaplain

The Chaplain contributes to the wellbeing of the school community through her ongoing presence and availability as a member of the Student wellbeing team, providing support to students and staff. 

Statement of Democratic Principles

Schedule 4 clause 1 of the Education and Training Reform Regulations 2017 require that the programs of, and teaching at Casey Grammar School must support and promote the principles and practice of Australian democracy. These include a commitment to:

  • the elected government; and
  • the rule of law; and
  • equal rights for all before the law; and
  • freedom of religion; and
  • freedom of speech and association; and
  • the values of openness and tolerance.

As stated in the Regulations, the requirements of the commitment above are not intended to affect the rights accorded to, or the compliance with any obligation imposed on the school under the enactment of the State or of the Commonwealth.

Casey Grammar School is committed to the principals of a liberal democracy.

  • We believe in an accountable, democratically elected government
  • We respect and observe the rule of law, and believe that no person is above the law
  • We believe in equal rights for all before the law, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, gender or other attributes
  • We believe not only in the freedom of religion, but also the need to practice tolerance and understanding others’ beliefs.
  • We believe in the value of freedom of speech and freedom of association, but also acknowledge that we have the responsibility not to abuse this freedom
  • We believe in the values of openness and tolerance, and value and respect all members of the school community regardless of background.

This Statement of Democratic Principles is communicated to staff, students, parents and guardians and the school community.


Casey Grammar School is committed to offering a thorough, sequential and comprehensive curriculum founded on the Victorian Curriculum. In the Early Years (P-2) the focus is on establishing a strong foundation in numeracy and literacy that is further developed in Years 3-6. In Years 7-10 our students are immersed in an extensive range of core and elective courses, setting our students up for either a VCE (ATAR) or Casey Pathway in their Senior Years. Pathways may include a variety of Vocational and Educational Training (VET) courses and other recognised certifications.

We believe in achieving personal excellence in all programs and focus on global competencies that include critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, communications, problem-solving and inquiry. We aim to challenge all students to reach their potential in order to become independent and active members of their community, who are prepared for the challenges of an ever-changing global environment.

Personal Relationships and Student Wellbeing

At Casey Grammar School, we aim to foster appropriate relationships between teachers and students, with the teacher as a role model and encourage both teachers and students to initiate positive interactions. We aim to encourage such honesty within the school community that mutual trust, respect, and true discipline can grow and develop, and each individual student is properly known and recognised.

Academic and Attitudinal

The School aims to provide the students given their abilities and backgrounds, with the opportunity to undertake studies in a broad range of disciplines that promote intellectual challenge, a broadening of horizons, a love of learning and a spirit of enquiry that will enable all students to pursue their aspirations beyond the school as effective citizens.

Personal Well-being and extra-curricular activities

Casey Grammar School aims to promote personal health and fitness through participation in sport and recreational activities and to encourage the effective use of leisure both within and outside the school.

Opportunity - Student Leadership

Student leadership is considered to be an integral part of Casey Grammar School’s well-being and personal development programs, providing vital opportunities for personal growth. We want our students to learn and appreciate the value of service, both to other people and to their own ideas, initiatives and projects. Our students will experience the satisfaction and reward of turning an initiative into a successful reality, of making a strong and lasting difference to their own and the lives of others at the School.

It is often a challenge for young people to assert themselves, and to take a stand for what they know to be right. Training and support is provided to all of our students to instil sound values, a strong moral compass, confidence and self-assurance. Student leadership opportunities are available across the entire school.

The Wider School Community

Casey Grammar School aims to form a community in which all the participating bodies – the Churches, the Board, the Consultative Committee, the Staff, the students, the Parents and Friends are all involved together in creating a harmonious and stimulating atmosphere in which the students can develop a feeling of self-worth, sincere respect for others and a sense of personal responsibility and commitment to the School and the wider Community.

The school takes into account society’s diversity in the care and education of our students. We have a responsibility to safeguard the rights of all children to be treated equitably by adopting an inclusive concept of services and strategies open to all students and families who come to Casey Grammar School.