Casey Grammar School - Camps

Junior School Camps

Casey Grammar School offers a broad range of opportunities for our students to grow and thrive outside the classroom.

Through our extensive camp program, students are provided with opportunities to step outside of their comfort zone whilst developing independence, confidence, initiative, team building, problem-solving and leadership skills. Our program is scaffolded, which prepares students for the additional challenges offered each year. Our camping program commences in Year 3 when students experience their first overnight on-site at CGS. In Year 4, students will experience their first overnight camp at an off-campus location.

When students enter into Year 5, they will be provided with the opportunity to attend a 2-night (3 days) adventure camp, whereby students participate in a range of outdoor team-building activities. To conclude our students’ time in Junior School, students attend a 4-night (5 days) camp in Canberra. In Canberra, students extend and consolidate their knowledge of related curriculum areas in relation to government and politics.

Students are expected to attend all camping experiences throughout their years at Casey Grammar School to allow additional opportunities to flourish and assist them with building essential life skills.

Senior School Camps

OutBeyond school camps are an integral program of Casey Grammar School that allows students to build on what is taught in the classroom by transporting the textbook to the real world. Going beyond the traditional school camp model of “one size fits all”, OutBeyond creates unique experiences for the students and staff involved. OutBeyond provides opportunities for students to undertake activities outdoors within a safe, controlled environment that allows students to push beyond perceived limitations to support academic, personal, spiritual and social excellence. Students are encouraged to play an active role in their school camp under our student agency model; which recognises individuality but also acknowledges a broader set of relationships – with teachers, peers, families and our staff.

A concept underlying the learning framework is “co-agency”, which is implemented through our unique Leadership and Development Program with Enterprise Themed student team roles that help learners to actively progress towards their valued goals. Our school camps are carefully designed with scope and sequence as a core priority.

Year 7 Camp

The Year 7 school camp is designed to enable students to build relationships with their peers. This program allows students to take on active leadership roles in outdoor environments. Students are challenged to increase their awareness of self and care and respect for others and for the environment. Through a carefully designed program students are able to take on key responsibilities and ownership and are empowered to make real decisions on behalf of their team. Combining reflection and introspection in a natural setting, OutBeyond allows students to begin to understand and balance their modern lifestyle with their place in nature and the positive contributions they can make.

The Year 7 Camp is currently three days in duration and is based in the coastal and marine environment of the Mornington Peninsula. Students undertake a range of fun activities including surfing, bush-walking, mountain biking, camping, outdoor cooking, conservation, wildlife encounters and much more.

Year 8 Camp

The Year 8 school camp builds on the foundational skills developed during Year 7 and is based in the Great Otway National Park. Students undertake an extended journey as they utilise key outdoor equipment such as hiking backpacks, lightweight cooking equipment and camping gear. This approach gives students an increase in independence and encourages them to manage their own personal belongings in new and unfamiliar environments whilst working as a team. The camp begins to challenge students through various activities such as scenic hikes through bush and coastal landscapes, overnight tent-based camping, water-based adventure activities, history and connection with the area and cultural initiatives.

This student-led camp assists Year 8 students in preparing for future outdoor or travel-based experiences.

Please click here to view a video of a recent Year 8 camp at Cape Otway

Year 9 Camp

As part of the subject ‘Casey Challenge’ all Year 9 students complete a 4-day hiking journey. Camping, preparing their own food and managing the physical aspect of the hike make this an adventurous journey. For those students choosing to participate in the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award, this camp also fulfils the Adventurous Journey component of the Award.

Year 11/12 retreat

As part of their early commencement into Year 12, the entire year level spends time together on a Retreat. They attend workshops and participate in activities which will hone their leadership skills. They engage in conversations designed to help them build a sense of themselves and their personal intentions for the year ahead, as well as the years that follow once they complete their time at CGS. Furthermore, on Retreat, the students consider how they might support each other and the broader community and how they will positively impact their world.


Please note: Camps are a compulsory activity in our school curriculum. 
In the case of a student’s non-attendance at camp, payment is still required to cover their pre-booked food, services and accommodation.