Junior School

Casey Grammar School - Junior School

Central to our Junior School culture is our vision to develop the whole child-enthusiastic, confident, connected, resilient and strong while being nurtured in engaging, innovative, collaborative environments. All Curriculum documents are guided by the Victorian Curriculum; encompassing a combination of explicit teaching and Inquiry-based learning, allowing students to benefit from both curriculum designs.

Interwoven in planning documents are the Capabilities; Critical and Creative Thinking, Ethical, Intercultural, Social and Personal to ensure students’ learning fosters 21st Century skills. The Junior School Curriculum integrates academic learning with social development, building strong foundations in Literacy and Numeracy with innovative and dynamic teaching and learning, linking skills and providing opportunities to practice these in authentic purposeful situations.

Our teachers inspire students to be creative, critical thinkers, committed, curious and collaborative learners by extending their interest in the world around them; to ensure they confidently encounter new situations, fostering a sense of community and recognising their role as global citizens.


Junior School Learning Areas